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Fall of 2016, I knew I had to do something about my health, especially my weight. At a conference, mid-November, I met Karen. WOW!!!!
She made me cry with tears of relief and joy, when she, unsolicited, walked up to me and told me she could help me. I experienced her sincerity and authentic manner, bringing me to trust her immediately. I felt she meant it, and I felt extremely comfortable with her. While there, we had our picture taken together, which brings tears to my eyes as I write this. It was a profound moment of realization, for me, that I could have what I wanted and needed for a happier life experience.
Starting the program, His Weigh, December 1st, I knew I’d taken the vital step into making my life turn around. Not only would my health greatly improve, my self-esteem would soar. Finally, I believed I would be more than just able to touch my feet, which, at the time I couldn’t. I knew, although I had lost 60 pounds before (2x), I really needed to lose 100 pounds. Each time I got to the 60, I couldn’t get any further. I knew I needed help, especially if I wanted permanent success.
Being determined to learn all I could, I found I had a steadfast ally in Karen. She has a great knowledge base, and she is as inquisitive as I am. She researched everything we both wanted to know more about. She is providing me with a know-how that soundly sets the groundwork for a lifestyle change I wanted and can happily live with.
At first I expressed I didn’t have time to make some of the foods she highly recommended. Now I find I miss those foods if my schedule has been so hectic I forgot about them. All the time, I’m getting better at incorporating the foods my body loves. I don’t miss sugar, dairy or grains. In fact, I find my pallet is happily enjoying the natural taste of organic foods, rather than those of standard prepackaged foods. I’ve incorporated new beneficial habits as part of my routine, and feeling very satisfied with what I eat and when I eat.
Karen’s essential expert guidance gives me confidence that this program is fully tailored to my body’s requirements and my personal needs. She is creative with her suggestions. She carefully reviews my foods and habits with the wisdom of an eagle, coaching her baby chick - me - to find my wings – and serve my body; in order that I may rejoice when I take flight on my own, once I’m ready. Even when I traveled out of the country, she worked with me. And I have a crazy schedule, which I learned to work around whether eating at home, out, or in another country.
I’m loving the food, I’m loving how I am learning to take care of myself for the first time, at this late stage in my life. I am resurrecting my involvement in life to new founded and welcomed worlds because of the confidence I am gaining. The pounds slip away, without my even realizing it. I feel invigorated. And, I’ve had to shed the baggy clothes that kept falling off. My alertness and stamina have come back, and I feel more upbeat than ever.
Previously, I explored dietary consulting options in my neighborhood. But, they were so so expensive, for one. And, I never found anyone who I felt was really present for me, where I wasn’t just a number. I highly recommend His Weigh for anyone who wants to really learn what works for their body, and to lose excess weight forever.
There is no better situation than this personalized service. Karen and I talk once a week, text or email whenever needed, laugh, cry, and in general have a growing friendship. She is a stellar health coach! And an awesome person.
I’ve reached a milestone, about 1/3rd of the way. I can hardly believe I have been so vigilant all this time, as it feels natural – no pills or crazy crash food infusions. And frankly, in a way - more simple. Virtually, no cravings, as I know what satisfies my body’s needs.

Thanks to "His Weigh, LLC Health, Wellness & Nutrition" I have lost 32 pounds in just 14 weeks. I feel great and have so much energy. It's not a diet, It's the right way to eat. They gave me a food plan that was specifically just for my body and they do this with everyone! How awesome is that? This way I am not hungry and I don't feel deprived. They call it bio-individuality. It works no matter what you call it. I will keep going.

I am 53 years old and I came to His Weigh after I saw my daughter losing a lot of weight; she has lost over 111 pounds so far and she is still going strong. I wanted the same for myself. I had not been feeling well. I had high blood pressure which is coming down. I could not sleep, and I sleep well nightly. I was not having regular bowel movements and now many times I have two a day. My body is getting cleaned out which is way overdue. I had a lot of pain walking due to my weight. The pain is gone. It was a lot of weight for my body to carry. I have lost over 91 pounds so far and I am not done either. I am going to keep going until my body feels right. When I was asked what worked well for me I said, "Losing weight. Losing the weight is making me feel better. I have more energy making me want to be more active too. Other than my living situation which has nothing to do with His Weigh LLC, there is nothing in my life that is not working well now. Progress is being made in that area too. I am going to be looking for a job now and I am getting my life back! I have recommended His Weigh, LLC to several people. I would recommend someone who chose to do His Weigh to not cheat because you will only mess yourself up. They are 5 stars in my book! It is a lifestyle change that I would recommend any day of the week.

My name is Amanda W. When I joined His Weigh, LLC I was suffering from Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease, I had Bipolar Disorder and depression, I had very little energy. I had also just suffered an injury and was not able to do any hard core fitness routines. I was, at that time, separated from my husband and had recently met Gabe. I was very scared to let him in. My husband had abused me mentally so trusting was an issue. Gabe had used His Weigh, LLC before to lose weight and get in shape for his career. We were together only 6 weeks when Gabe was deployed overseas, I began to worry that he would come home and not want me. Instead, He talked to me while he was overseas. We really connected and when he came home he was so happy to see me. Caroline has helped me get past my trust issues and helped me gain a voice in my life. Since I have joined His Weigh, LLC my mom and grandmother have joined because they have seen such a difference in me. I was only on the program 6 months and had lost 80 pounds. I have since recovered from my injury and now I exercise a lot. It feels wonderful to have more energy than Gabe does. I am no longer suffering with bipolar, depression or Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease. I am now a full time college student and have learned so much that I never knew about how food reacts in your body. On my entrance exam to school, I wrote an essay about holistic wellbeing. I am still now down 90 lbs and 45 inches and I am continuing on my journey.

My name is Paul W. Lombardi, I am 51 years old and I was 340 lbs when I started my weight loss journey. I was in rough shape physically. I was a borderline diabetic and had borderline high blood pressure. I was suffering from low testosterone. I was about 200 points low. I was on testosterone injections for at least 2 years. By eating properly and learning about food, I was able to get off the injections that my doctor told me I’d never get off of. I also suffered from sleep apnea and snored terribly. I would be at a red light and instantly fall asleep. That’s how bad it was. I could barely walk and my back, knees and hips constantly hurt. My diet was a lot of carbohydrates, sweets, and processed and fast foods. His Weigh, LLC taught me how to eat properly eating real foods. They taught me how to eat, what to eat and how not to eat my emotions. Yes, men can eat their emotions too. Even though I am not at my goal weight yet, I am well on my way at 220. I have lost 20” off of my waist alone! It's been over a year and I am continuing with His Weigh, LLC and looking forward to my active lifestyle. I know it only gets better from here and it is more than I thought I could have.

Love it great way to get rid of unwanted pounds program really works!

Marie Esolen Gruber — 5 star I suffered from poor kidney function, diabetes, severe arthritis, ringing in my ears, severe edema, headaches, painful menstrual periods, asthma, and I was morbidly obese. His Weigh, LLC Helped me lose over 100 lbs which I thought was impossible and all too overwhelming. I had done many other diets in the past, and they worked for me but I always gained the weight back and more. I needed a program that would take me by the hand; teach me and guide me and help me to not eat my emotions. Heal me from my emotional wounds. I needed help to lose weight and feel great with REAL food and not prepackaged ones, or liquid shakes. I did not want to count calories, or points; and I needed more than a carrot. At that weight I did not want to exercise and I didn't have to with His Weigh, LLC. I got this and so much more! I have never eaten so much in my life, and I don't gain now. I am satisfied, and I no longer eat my emotions. That alone is worth the cost of the program. This program is not a diet, it is a life change all done with real food that I buy at the grocery store, and it changed the way I look at food. I have received a great education on food and how it affects my body. I know that foods work for me. My body can handle what I feed it. I can't thank God enough for this program! I have my life back. Try it and you won't be disappointed. :) Peace.